Convert Car To Run On Water

This is going to become a VERY hot topic over the next few years….”Can I Convert My Car To Run On Water?” ” Should I Convert My Engine To Burn Hydrogen Fuel?” ” How Do I Make My Engine Run On Water?”

These are SUPER great questions….and I can honestly say…..I DON’T HAVE THE ANSWERS, not yet anyway.

I am just like you, this technology is out there, although pretty new to many people and the industry is just getting started. I would suspect to see just about everyone converting their gasoline and diesel engines to run on water Hydrogen mix.

I am posting this excerpt to gather information, if you have already converted your vehicle to HHO, hydrogen gas conversion…please email me and give me your results to publish for others to benefit. Can you really double your fuel mileage or drastically increase your fuel mileage?

Run Your Car On Water

Austin Davis

Convert Car to Run on Water – How to Save Money!

By Alexandre Sol

As gas prices are rising people are trying to find a way to save on gas. Many car manufacturers develop new technologies, such as Hybrid cars. Although many people can’t afford a new car – they could turn their car into a “hybrid”.

Fox News recently broadcasted a video report on an inventor who uses water as fuel. The Hydrogen Fuel Cell technology allows you to turn tap water into HHO, also called Browns gas. It helps burning fuel more effectively, increasing gas mileage by up to 100%.

In order to convert your car to run on water you simply need to bolt on some parts to your car’s engine. Our poor car’s engine design only allows us to burn 20% of the gas, the other 80% is wasted on heat, noise and pollution as unburned gas. If you take the gas price at a cost of 3$ per gallon – your car actually uses only 60 cents – 2.40$ is wasted.

It might not seem very harmful – but this adds up to couple of thousand dollars per year. You could go on vacation with the extra 2000$ – yet you waste this money on unburned gas.

More and more people all across the globe install this simple system on their cars as its cost is under 100$ and could be done by almost anyone and to any car. When taken off – the system is completely untraceable.

The great thing is, the guide to help you convert your car to run on water is available to everyone. It comes with 60 days full satisfaction money back guarantee – there is nothing to lose, in fact – you could only gain by saving thousands of dollars on gas and decreasing the pollution.

Thousands of happy car owners converted their cars to use water as fuel with the help of this guide
You could also check out this site for more information, videos and testimonials related to this amazing technique of saving money while driving!

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  1. Matt says:

    Have you ever converted a car to run on HHO? I was wondering if you had any tips. I had my car running (as a hybrid) on HHO about a year ago, and the best I ever saw was about a 10% increase in gas mileage. As far as I’ve figured, it takes electricity to produce the HHO, which puts a load on the alternator, which adds a load on the engine, which decreases fuel economy. So it seemed that any benefit I was getting out of the HHO was lost in the added engine load. Maybe you have to lean out the mixture as well? Do you have any tips?

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