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Collision Coverage for a Rental Car?

Reader’s Question:

Will my rental car be covered by collision insurance coverage?



Collision coverage covers damages to your automobile, less your deductible amount, however it does not cover you to use a rental car while your automobile is being fixed.

If you wish to rent a vehicle right after the car has been in any sort of accident, you must have rental reimbursement insurance coverage in your vehicle insurance plan.

Rental reimbursement coverage is additional (optional) coverage you need to include in your car insurance plan to be able to have your vehicle insurance carrier cover a rental vehicle. This coverage enables you to rent a car after you have been in a covered automobile accident and either your vehicle can’t be operated or is in the auto repair shop being fixed.

Rental reimbursement coverage may be used only when your automobile isn’t accessible as a result of covered loss. If you want to rent a vehicle for other reason, like a mechanical problem that isn’t included in your vehicle insurance plan, then you would not have the ability to use this insurance coverage.

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