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Choosing the Cheapest Car to Insure

What makes a car is cheap to insure?

Choose a car with a smaller engine, because as we all know the bigger and faster the vehicles are, the more expensive they are to insure. Insurers also take into account other factors such as age of the car, how easy it is to maintain and repair, and how safe is the car.

Other measures to reduce the cost

Pay car insurance once: the monthly payment is an easy way to spread the cost of insurance, but certainly not the way to save money because we will have to pay interest for allowing the insurer to pay in installments.

If you do not have the cash, consider getting a card with a 0% interest rate, choose a card with at least a period of 12 months interest free and have the best of both worlds.

Do not overestimate your mileage

The mileage is a major factor used by insurers to calculate the insurance, the number of miles that we drive, and so on.


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