Thanks for Recommending Chilton Repair Manuals Over Haynes Manuals

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Reader Comment Dear Sirs.

Having spent 50 years in the industry ranging from Automotive Parts to Heavy Equipment National Service support I find your recommendations & opinions among the most reliable , having only scanned quickly through many subjects , but you have fundamentals right & from there most else falls into place .

Also glad to see you recommend Chilton’s — & not grossly deficient & inaccurate Haynes manuals .

Highly Commended !!

Mostly I’d like to know of an independent source of OEM Part numbers for the purpose of reconciling non – genune numbers on items identical with original ,if not in fact having the same origin.

As you probably now whem ordering from China the clerical people reading our messages have no idea what any of their product looks like — let alone fits — short of an OEM number .

Will be following you closely.

Keep it going


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