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Chevy Uplander Transmission Shifting Problems

Reader Question

Our 2005 Chevy Uplander has approx 105k on it and we are starting to have transmission issues. The vehicle is not wanting to shift from first to second gear, does not happen all the time. we have found that if we run in d3, or d2 we do not have the shifting problem. fluids have been checked and are at full levels. Any clue what could be wrong with the transmission.
Thanks for your help

Hi there,

I am not a transmission mechanic, but it sounds like you could have a shift solenoid problem. there are many solenoids and electrical parts inside this transmission, and you might have an issue with one of them. I would have a qualified transmission shop diagnose this for you. they should be able to “scan the transmission for trouble codes” and see if there is a solenoid problem or not.

Honestly, I would probably pay the check out fee at the dealership and have them diagnose the problem. You can always get a local transmission shop to do the repair…once you know what is wrong. I HATE dealing with transmission shops and avoid them at all costs if possible. I dont usually like the dealership either, but would feel more comfortable with their diagnoses than an independent transmission shop in most cases.

I see you are not alone with complaints about transmissions on this vehicle

Austin Davis

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