Chevy Truck Windshield Wiper Motor Not Working?

Reader Question : Hey Austin, I have a 1987 Chevy pickup and the windshield wipers work sometime, sometimes not. I can bang on the windshield wiper motor with my fist when it stops working and it will start working again. I have replaced the wiper motor twice and still having the problem, is it the switch inside the steering column?



Hey Paul,

I would highly suspect you have a bad intermittent wiper pulse board that attaches to the wiper motor itself. You have to reuse the pulse board when you swap out the motor so you are reusing the bad board each time.  Try wiggling the wires that go inside the wiper motor next time and the wipers should start working. I have been able to remove the pulse board and see a crack in the solder and re-solder that crack and the problem is fixed…if not, buy the pulse board from your Chevy dealer.


Austin Davis

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