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Chevy 1500 Pick Up Oil and Fuel Gauges Not Working Properly

Reader Question I have a problem with my Fuel gauge and Oil pressure gauges. The oil pressure gauge is not functioning at all but my fuel gauge works a little bit.

Explanation: 1988 Chevy c1500, 2WD, 305 with Auto Trans. The fuel gauge normally sits on 1/4 tank when full and seems to drop when getting low on gas. I never let it get too low for fear of running out. I never know how much fuel I have in there. I’ve done some reading / searching for answers and I think it may be the fuel sending unit? Do you think this is correct?


Well howdy Bill,

I think your diagnosis is probably correct on both issues. The oil pressure sending unit just screws into the engine and has a small wire connector that attaches…buy the new part first so you know what you are looking for and simply replace it.

The fuel sending unit is inside the fuel tank, which can be tricky to get to. I prefer to loosen the truck bed mounting bolts and slide the truck bed back just enough to gain access to the fuel tank.

Then just unscrew the cover and the sending unit assembly and replace with the new one. I would HIGHLY suggest you replace the electric fuel pump while you are in the fuel tank just for a little preventive maintenance. USE caution when doing the sending unit job, disconnect the battery before you begin any work and use extreme caution with your lighting…ie. drop light, around the tank.


Austin Davis

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