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Chevy Trailblazer Has Check Engine Light On – Code PO442

Reader Question Hello Austin,

We have had the very same problem as Amanda, in one of your other postings. We have a 2003 Chevy Trailblazer with 60,000 or so miles. The check engine light came on. We hooked up an analyzer on our own and it gave us a reading of P0442 that indicated that it was emission control small leak. We changed our fuel cap and fuel filter. Several days later the check engine light came on again. Guarantee is out and would like to do the job ourselves.

In the the meantime, we observed a noise that we tracked down to the fan clutch. We replaced it and hope for the best. Meanwhile, we are still smelling the gas very strongly on the outside of the vehicle. What do you suggest we do next? We would like to avoid the dealership as they charge so much. Of course, the check engine light continues to reappear.

Thank you so much for your time.
Dripping Springs, Tx


I would FIRST look into the gas smell/leak. Can you crawl under the vehicle and see a leak? Do you smell it under the hood in the engine area? Look toward the back of the engine in the center, do you see any gas puddle up at the top of the engine? You might have a fuel injector leaking, and it can some times leak externally as well….thus the smell of raw gas. They had a problem with the Blazers for leaking fuel injectors, but not sure if the Trailblazer also was having troubles.

You might want to call the dealership service department and tell them you smell raw fuel, and give them the VIN code so they can run it on their computers to see if there is a recall or a service bulletin for the problem.


Austin C. Davis

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