Low Coolant Light Stays on Dash of 1997 Chevy Lumina

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Okay I have 1997 Chevy Lumina, okay my low coolant light is on and won’t go off. I put coolant in the thing. As a matter of fact it is full but that dog on light will not go off. What could be the problem? Did i put to much?

Hi there,

No you did not put in too much coolant. If I remember correctly your low coolant sensor is at the bottom of the plastic coolant over flow reservoir. Make sure there is plenty of coolant inside the radiator and inside the plastic reservoir, if there is…you probably have a bad low coolant level sensor.

Look for small wires going to the plastic reservoir to locate the sensor…it is not easy to see or gain access to, and you might have to remove the battery to get to it.

You can buy the sensor at the GM dealership and replace it yourself…but getting your hands in between the plastic reservoir to gain access to the sensor and the reservoir mounting bolts can be challenging. Your local mechanic or even the local fast lube place can probably install it for you if you brought them the part.


Austin Davis

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