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1997 Chevy Lumina Automatic Transmission Fluid Leaking Somewhere

Reader Question Hello Austin I have a 1997 Chevy Lumina car with a 3.1. The transmission is losing fluid. I took it on a trip and kept having to add automatic transmission fluid to get home.

What areas are bad for leaking?? I am hoping it is not at the converter?? Other than the converter, are other areas hard to fix seals or gaskets? thanks for your time Tom

Hey there Tom,

There are many places on the transmission it could leak. The transmission pan gasket is probably the most common….and the easiest to replace. With ANY fluid leak, buy a few cans of CRC Brake Kleener from your local auto parts and spray down the area….its non flammable and will dry almost immediately without water. Then you can run the engine, in park, and watch for the leak to appear. Sometimes transmission pan bolts will work themselves loose…so check the tightness of the bolts while you are under the vehicle.

If you find that the transmission pan gasket is the culprit…buy a transmission filter kit and service the transmission at the same time you replace the gasket.


Austin Davis

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