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2004 Chevy Impala A/C Heater Blower Wont Come on for 5-10 Minutes of Driving

Reader Question I have a 2004 impala base model with no frills. The problem is my blower for heat or a/c won’t come on until I’ve been driving for a while, 5-10 minutes or so. A mechanic has looked at it and said it may be a module of some kind but would not perform repairs without knowing for sure.

I absolutely hate taking my car to a Chevy dealer because it seems they charge about 5 times as much as anywhere else for the repair. Is this a type of repair that can be done myself without tearing too much apart or do I need to bite the bullet and take it to a dealer??

Hey there

I would take it to the dealer. The blower/air conditioner systems on these cars is pretty darn complex these days. If you guessed at the wrong part….it would cost more than the diagnosis at the dealership would be. I would at least get it diagnosed at the dealer, you may or may not want to do the work yourself once you know what part to replace.


Austin Davis

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