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Hello, My 1995 blazer would not start.  We took it to the shop they replaced the crank and distributor.  Still would not start.  Now there telling us its the ecm, and they can’t find one.  I called a local chevy dealer, and they have 6.  I told this to the mechanic and he kind of waved me off.  Why is it that I can find a ecm and they can’t or wont go pick one up from where I found it.  It’s like they are dragging ass on purpose.  Could it be because they want to keep the truck so they can charge me more?


Hey Dan,

I would suspect they want you to go away because they do not have a clue as to the problem.  I would seriously find another mechanic.

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  1. Jay says:

    def find another mechanic asap. they replaced the crank? doesnt sound right at all. maybe you mean the crankshaft position sensor, which tells me your not getting spark and thats why they say replace ecm. sounds like they will keep throwing parts at it (at your expense) until or if they fix it. you need someone who can troubleshoot not just throw parts at it.

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