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Chevrolet, Toyota and Honda in Detroit. Back to the Future

Chevrolet unveiled at the Detroit Auto conceptual prototype of a compact sports coupe called Tru 140 , with petrol engine of 150 hp and affordability, at least in the United States.

In the same Salon Toyota took the opportunity to finally unveil the Toyota NS4 , another prototype, but this time plug-in hybrid, a five-door hatchback, which also incorporate new multimedia and connectivity in the Japanese.

Honda also took a prototype to this room, in particular the new Honda Accord Coupe Concept (available with gasoline engines with four or six cylinders), and incidentally also announced that the 2013 Honda Accord sedan will have a plug-in hybrid version.

This week has been very interesting also the news about advances in research that is leading IBM with lithium ion batteries and air (Li-Air), which although they are not ready and have some problem to solve, would weigh much less than current lithium ion batteries and allow five times the range of electric cars.

Have also been interesting dissertation on solar cars , trying to figure out how much they have of reality and how much fiction (mostly to clarify whether we could have one tomorrow to go to work or not), and the comparison between the electric quadricycle Renault Twizy and Vectrix electric motorbike .

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