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Cheve Truck 2WD – Repairing A Tilt Steering Wheel

Reader Question I have a 1988 Chev Truck 2WD. I just need to know where I can find information on repairing a tilt steering wheel. None of the manuals I have get into that. The base of the steering column is tight. It is loose from the joint, where it tilts, up. Can you guide me in the right direction?

Thanks for the help,

Howdy T,

The easiest thing to do is call one of the mobile steering column repair guys you can find in your phone book and have them come and repair it. Those guys are fast…and usually work pretty cheap. I do not have any info or know where you can get it…sorry.

I have a few manuals that show all the internal parts but the pictures do not photocopy or fax well at all. You might be able to remove the steering wheel and just tighten the main mounting bolts…if nothing is worn out or broken inside. There are a lot of parts and pieces crammed into a steering column!

Austin Davis

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