Cheve Lumina High Engine RPM and Stalling

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Dear Austin I enjoyed reading you website, I’m also in need of some expert advice.

I have a 96 Chevy Lumina V6 3.4L engine with over 142,000 miles.

These are my problems:

The check engine light is on

When I start the it up the RPM rushes high to around 3,000
sometimes it cuts off on me when I slowdown

It has an engine oil leak

I got a diagnostic at Meineke:
They said that the computer reads code P0102,P0171. They said that the Mass Air Flow Sensor is the reason the car is cutting off.

They said that my computer reads transmission is slipping they also said I need to replace the transmission line and transmission pan gasket and then the engine oil leak will stop.

Then I brought my car to a transmission specialist which also did a diagnostic: they said that my transmission is fine and my car rides smooth.

Then I brought it into Shell gas station, they said my car might be cutting off, because my engine isn’t mounted down which means too much air is getting into my system which then causes my car to shut off because gas and air are not mixing correctly.

They tighened some loose vacuum lines and cleaned my IAC, but my car is still cutting off. Can you please give me some suggestions,

Thank You

Hello There, I feel your pain!!!

Thanks for your email and your kind words. Hummmmm. I assume that the high idle problem was solved with cleaning the IAC motor (Idle Air Control). Did they clean the throttle body as well?

If not I would have that shop check to see if the throttle body is dirty and needs cleaning….if dirty it can cause stalling, and erratic idle speed….but usually wont turn on the check engine light.

The check engine light, from the codes you mentioned, could be due to a bad Mass Air Flow Sensor. They do offer a remanufactured sensor which will save you a lot of money, so you might ask them about it.

The transmission leak….if the transmission line and the pan gasket is leaking fluid, then you need to have them replaced, although you did not mention you had a transmission fluid leak, you mention an engine oil leak?

Did the transmission specialist look for a transmission leak? You did not mention a transmission slipping problem either, so they might not have known to look for a leak??

I would avoid the Shell station, most gas stations are not really equipped to do more than oil changes and brake jobs…something simple.

Austin C. Davis

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