How Do I Make My Cheve 350 Engine Get More Horsepower?

Reader Question i have a 1987 chevy r20 pickup with a TBI 350 small block. I have added an edelbrock intake, lunati bracket master II camshaft with 284 deg of advertised duration and .458″ lift and flowtech headers and dual exhaust w/o cats. ( i live in alabama where there are no emissions laws). what do you suggest as my next modification? I am going for maximum horsepower gains at a minimal cost. what do you think about roller rockers. how much horsepower would i gain from them. does anyone make an underdrive crank pulley for my application and how much horsepower do you think i would see from that? any suggestions? thanks

Hi there
I am not much of a hot rodder, but to get the most bang for your buck changing rear end gear ratio is what I suggest. Won’t get more HP, but if “hole shot” quick speed – stop light to stop light is what you want…gear ratio is the way to go


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