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cheapest car insurance companiesI get tons of email questions each day, and many are related to auto insurance and auto body accident claims….since I was an auto body repair shop owner.

So this week I got 3 separate emails from readers asking me who are the cheapest car insurance companies I can recommend?


Well, that is not as easy as it might first sound. First, it really depends on YOU…your age, your past driving history, your credit history and where you live are the main factors….oh and the kind of car you drive. 🙂

Second, it depends on the kind of coverage you would like…just basic liability, or full coverage.

Third, what kind of deductible would you like have? This is the amount YOU pay first of any claim you might have to file. $500 is probably best.

I personally have Liberty Mutual insurance on my home/auto and personal liability coverage. I like how they handle claims…usually give you a check on the spot, and I like how they really try and repair the claim to it’s original condition as best you can.  And, I really like their prices.

I had Travler’s insurance for over 10 years without a claim, and they kept slowly raising my rates. arggg! So I did what I tell others to do, compare your rates every 3 years…although it was 10 years for me to take my own advice.

So I went to a few brick and motor businesses (4 actually) and got quotes from them comparing my current policy to theirs so I can see what the differences really are.

Long story short Liberty had the best coverage and price…so, I signed up and canceled my Travler policy and got a prorated refund on the amount I already paid in.

3 months after switching to Liberty we had a large hail storm in our area and totally destroyed the roof on our house. Man, I felt sooo bad having to file a claim just 3 months into our new policy but I did and they came to our home and inspected the damage and wrote me a check on the spot (minus my deductible).

Has my rate gone up, great question but NO. Its been over a year now (updating this page) and the rate is still the same.

I can’t say they will have the lowest rate for you, like I said the rate depends on many factors most of which all relate to you and your claim history, driving history, credit score etc. etc.

So who do you have as your insurance company and how do you feel about them and would you recommend them to others?

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  1. Darnell says:

    got a quote from your site, seems to be just what I needed and want to pay. Thanks

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