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Cheap Motor Insurance

What factors you need to check before shopping for auto insurance? Which is best for you?

When was the last time that you were happy about paying your motor insurance premiums? Well I’m sure you don’t remember it or maybe you do as who can forget such nightmares! The fact is you don’t want to pay as you are confident about your capabilities behind the wheel or just that you don’t drive that frequently but bitter truth is that you just can’t drive without getting your car insured. At least not here in Britain!

Here the whole business of car insurance, for that matter any form of cheap insurance, is all about earning big bucks. But the catch is that it’s for the insurers only! But yesterday I came across this rather interesting bit of data which I’d like to share with all the readers. For the financial year 2005-06 the UK motor insurance sector lost £0.1 billion! Now that was shocking as our last ashes victory, which if I remember correctly was somewhere around that time only! Maybe something was in the air!

This report I’m referring to is the annual report of Association of British Insurers (ABI) that states that total premium paid by people like you and me was £10.2 billion. According to them the amount they paid us for bumping each other off was £10.3 billion! Now I really want to meet those lucky people! The fact is that when you go out to shop for motor insurance for your car or bike you make an investment that needs to be done in a proper and sensible manner.

You should look for deals with cheapest motor insurance premium payments that should ideally cover liability for injuries to others, liability for damage to third party property and liability of passengers for accidents caused by them! One says cheapest because anyway motor insurance premiums are pretty hefty because they cover the amount to be paid for the claims, for legal and administrative costs and for running the company.

So taking up an online motor insurance deal is a better option as their running costs are lot less than any other brick and mortar setup. There are quite a few things that you can do to cut down the premium amounts of your motor insurance for you vehicle. Start using the tube as the more you drive more the chances of bumping someone off in the rush hour traffic will go up! Then you also have the option of getting an advanced driver’s license and trust me it works as extra lessons with the Pass Plus scheme can cut premiums by as much as 35%. The sure shot way of making the insurer understand the fact that you are not going to jump any signals or drive over the permitted speed limit is by getting married! It actually works as married men attract lower premiums than single men.

So next time you go around to shop for a motor insurance deal try to remember this fact that you actually can cut down on your premium payments. All you just need to do is to do is to stay aware! But if you are a woman you don’t even need to do that as generally car insurance companies will offer cheaper deals for women not because they are amazing drivers but because they think that often women drive more cautiously than their male counterparts. Now we drive on the road so we know what it is like out there but maybe people who make these policies in insurance companies don’t. I guess they can’t afford the premiums!

Finally, you are the decision maker and it is recommended that you go through a thorough investigation before opting an insurance policy.

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