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Cheap Auto Insurance in California

The state of California is known for its high prices. The cost of living in general is much higher than the cost of living in many other locations. California also requires relatively high levels of auto insurance coverage to be carried, resulting in extremely high insurance premiums. While car insurance rates will always be higher in California than in many other areas, a bit of persistence can result in a significant savings.

Drivers in California should follow every available general suggestion on ways to minimize their insurance premiums. They should also shop around carefully, as rates can vary dramatically from one company to another. One reason for this is that California law allows insurers to charge based on previous payouts. If for whatever reason your insurer has paid an unusual number of claims, then your rates may be affected.

If you are in the market for reasonably priced car insurance in California, begin by determining which coverages you actually need. Many insurance companies have their own in-house minimums, which may be significantly higher than the state-mandated requirements. Check with the state to determine exactly what is required and insist that the insurance company begin with those numbers. Additional coverage will be determined by many factors including the value of your car, whether you are making payments and your financial resources.

Maintaining a clean driving record is the single biggest factor in keeping your insurance rates low. Safe driver bonuses are plentiful but may require a perfect record. Other discounts are available for full time students, members of various organizations, retirees and others. Make sure that you are taking advantage of every possible discount or bonus.

Purchase your insurance online through a comparison network such as These sites list many different plans without bias, and generally offer lower rates than those available through an intermediary who draws a commission. Make sure that you compare plans that are identical in terms of coverage, deductible and additional products.

Consider a higher deductible. If you are a good driver with a low risk of accidents then it may be better to pay a higher deductible should an accident occur, as opposed to a high monthly premium. Before making this decision examine your budget to determine whether the money would be available to pay the deductible if needed.

Check insurance rates before buying a new car. Group classifies vehicles and certain groups such as sports cars cost significantly more to insure. Your driving record also plays a part, meaning that young drivers of sports cars will pay much more than both young drivers with other cars and older drivers with good records who own sports cars.

Truly cheap car insurance is difficult or impossible to find in California. However, a bit of persistence can pay off in significant savings. Shop around, drop unnecessary coverages and be sure that you are getting all applicable discounts. You will be able to find insurance that will fit your budget while meeting your needs.

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