Changing Your Car Insurance Company

Many people remain loyal to their original insurer for years together and continue paying the same auto insurance without considering a change of insurer. However, now with a greater choice of insurance companies you can get the same policy at a lower premium.

Moreover, you may have a different job with an employer who has group insurance for his employees. This can get you auto insurance at a discounted premium .Changing your residence and shifting to a new locality can lower your premium significantly and is a good time to switch insurance companies.

All you have to do is to get insurance quotes from different companies and then decide on an offer that suits you best. Here is how you go about changing your car insurance company. Keep in mind that the new insurer must be financially stable, have good customer service, and have a good claims settlement process.

Decide on the terms and conditions of the new policy and apply online. Most companies insist on proof of the previous insurance policy. Therefore, never cancel your old policy before the new one comes into force. You should not be without insurance for even a single day.

The insurance company can time the effective date of the new policy from the day the old one stands canceled. Next, intimate the previous insurer in writing about canceling the old policy with proof of taking a new policy.

You have to fill in a policy cancellation form and return it to the company. Formally cancel your old policy; else, the insurer will cancel the policy for lack of payment of premiums. This can adversely affect your credit rating, so clearly state the date of cancellation.

To avoid paying a cancellation penalty, cancel the old policy when it is due for renewal. The insurer send the renewal notice a month before the due date, so you have enough time to take a new auto insurance policy, before the old one expires.

This is the ideal time for cancellation since you do not have to recover the unused portion of the premium. With a new policy in place, the change of insurer should take very little time. If you change agents, intimate the new agent about the previous agent and the old policy number to get a similar policy and coverage at better rates. Thus changing your car insurance company is simple.

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