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Changing a Tire

Have you ever been stranded on the roadside due to a flat tire, or are you afraid that one day get caught in that kind of scenario? Want to be able to change a tire without help? Fortunately, changing a tire is a fairly simple.

Find a safe, stable place to work . Need a solid, preferably flat. If you are near a road, park away from traffic lights and emergency lights.

Make sure the car will not move . Use the parking brake and put the gearshift in “park” if automatic or first or reverse

Make sure the car will not move . Use the parking brake and put the gearshift in “park” if automatic or first or reverse if it is standard.

Remove the spare tire and jack . Place the jack under the frame near the tire to be changed. Be sure to place it where you hold a strong metal part of the structure of the car.
Many cars have plastic moldings on the bottom, and if you put the cat in the right place, it will break the plastic when you start up the car. If you are unsure about the correct place to put the cat, read the owner’s manual.
Most modern cars have a small notch or mark just behind the front wheel or rear wheel forward, indicating the correct place to put the cat.
Most of the trucks or older cars have a frame. Try to put the cat in one of the beams of the structure behind the front wheel or in front of the rear wheel.

Raise the jack until it stops the car, but without lifting . The cat should be firmly in place against the underside of the vehicle

Loosen the lug nuts by turning counterclockwise . Do not try to remove them. Only the resistance breaks to loosen

Pump the jack handle to lift the tire . You need to lift it high enough to remove the tire and put the spare tire. When you wake up, make sure the car is stable. If you notice any instability, lower the jack and fix the problem before releasing the vehicle back.

If you notice that the cat is rising at an angle, ie inclined, download it and re-accommodate to lift right.
If you suspect that the car could move, put some stones in other tires to stop it in place.
Remove the nuts. Against rotate them clockwise to loosen. Repeat with all the nuts to remove them completely.

Remove the tire . Place the flat tire under the car to bed that, if anything fails the cat and the car goes down, fall on the flat tire. If the cat is on a level surface, you should have no problem

Place the spare tire . Make sure the screws are completely and tighten.

Tighten the nuts by hand until all are tight. At first rotate easily.

With the key, tighten the nuts. To ensure that the tire is right, tighten the nuts in a star pattern around the rim, ie squeeze a nut and then tighten in front of it (not the one minute).

Avoid the use of such force, as you run the risk of moving the cat out of position. Tighten the nuts again once the car is down and there is no risk of it falling.

Lower the car to the ground . Do not put full weight on the ground yet. Finish tightening the nuts as tight as possible

Lower the car off the ground completely and the cat . Tighten the nuts again.

Place the flat tire in the trunk and bring it to a mechanic .
Familiar with this procedure before you a flat tire, so you do not have to do it for the first time in the street.


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