Transmission Issues

Transmission Repair – Need an Overhaul?

Man, I need your assistance today please. My 2005 Ford F150 transmission just totally gave up on me today and will not […]

Should I Flush The Automatic Transmission Fluid

I have a Ford Taurus SE and have 98,000 miles. I just recently got a oil changed at Ford dealership. Their advice was to flush out the transmission fluid and power steering and brake fluids. I check all the fluid and it is dirty.

Should I Change My Car’s Transmission Fluid?

I’ve got a Mercury Grand Marquis with 74,000 miles on it. I’ve put about 6,000 of those miles on it since I […]

Automatic Transmission Jerks Before It Shifts

My car will be driving normally, then sometimes when I start to speed up a little, it will rev high (between 4 and 5) and then jerk into gear. Do you think this could be my transmission?

Should I Rebuild My Transmission

I have a Nissan Maxima that has over 300,000 miles on it.  (I put all of the miles on it)  I had […]

Transmission in My Car Takes a Long Time To Shift

Hello I have a Cadillac STS. I recently had a transmission overhaul on it because it had problems shifting and no power. […]

My Car Engine Dies In Reverse Gear

I have a 1991 Dodge B250 van about 120000 miles. It works fine, but i have noticed that after it has been […]

My Automatic Transmission Slips and Slow To Reverse

My wife and I have had a 1997 Pontiac Sunfire SE for about 6 months now and it has run perfectly thus far. It has a 2.2L 4-Cylinder engine with an automatic front-wheel-drive trans axle. Yesterday, out of the blue, I noticed the transmission was slipping.

Transmission Fluid Change

I have a question about my automatic transmission in my Honda Accord. I would like to service the transmission because I feel […]

Automatic Transmission in My Car Jerks When I Come to a Stop

Reader Question Hi, My car is a 1992 Buick Century Station Wagon with 82,000 miles on it. A month ago I got […]