2005 Toyota Tacoma Pickup – Tire Recommendation

Please advise as to what tires to purchase for a 2005 Toyota Tacoma Pickup. Ah? One thing to consider is that the vehicle is use in the tropical.

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1995 Toyota Crown Super Saloon – Vibrates While Driving

I own a 1995 Toyota Crown Super Saloon (a Japanese domestic model) with 2.4 EFI Turbo diesel. Vibration appears at 70-75 mph but disappears beyond that. The vibration is in the car itself and not just the steering wheel.

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Get A Car Tyre Price

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Compare Car Tire Price Quotes Online

The first thing to look for in any car tires quote is the number of tires included in the quote. Does the quote include a whole set of tires and, if so, does it include the fifth tire for a fresh spare or is the quote merely on a per tire basis. Paying attention to what may seem a trivial detail in your car tires quote here can save you a lot of money and trouble down the road.

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1997 Subaru Outback

I have a 1997 Subaru Outback, which is all wheel drive. I ran over a screw and punctured my tire.

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1995 Ford Contour

My 1995 Ford Contour front end shakes whenever weight is relieved of the front end. I notice this only when coming over a hill or small bridge that causes the tires to have the least weight on them. It does it on little valleys in the road as well.

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2005 Ford Taurus – Rear Tires are Completely Worn Out

My company car is a 2005 Taurus, just got 4 new tires about 20,000 miles ago. Now both rear tires are completely bald, front are still like new, is it possible the car has been wrecked and has frame problems? What would cause the rear tires to wear out so fast?

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1999 Nissan Maxima Needs CV Boots – Or Does it?

Hi. I have a Nissan Maxima 1999 with 105,000 miles on it. I am told by the dealership service that I need new front CV boots and they are costing this out to $400. What’s the likelihood that this is truly a problem considering the vehicle age and mileage? How can I be sure this is legitimate? If it is, is it better to replace the whole CV shaft and should that be cheaper?

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Toyota Rav4 – Front End Makes Noise On Turns

I own a Toyota Rav4 – 1999 model. Of late I hear a screeching sound from the tyres while taking a turn. I showed it to my mechanic. He visually checked all the bushes and says they are in good condition. He feels the sound is
because of uneven wear of the front tyres.

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Michelin Tweel Airless Tire

Thought you might like to see the next generation of tires. They had a pair at the Philadelphia Car show. These tires are airless and are scheduled to be out on the market very soon. The bad news for law enforcement is that spike strips will not work on these tires. Just think of the impact on existing technology: no more air valves, and no more air compressors at gas stations or cheap repair kits or fixaflat!

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