Over Heating

My Toyota is Overheating

I noticed that my car (2004 Toyota Camry) started overheating. The Radiator is not broken or blocked. I use Radiator Coolant. Within […]

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Car Thermostat – Cause of Over Heating?

I have a question for you Mr. Mechanic.  My Toyota Camry, seems to want to over heat when I sit in traffic […]

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Overheating Car Problems – How To Diagnose

Austin, how are you today sir. I just love your site and all the information you give…and for free. What a blessing […]

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Car Overheating And No Heat

I would like a little information on why my car engine is over heating and when it does I noticed there is […]

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Why is My Car Overheating

Ahhhh, I get this question all the time. Ok, there are a few things we need to narrow down and rule out […]

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Coolant Blowing Out Reservoir Tank

Have a  Toyota Camry 4cyl. It got hot so I stopped and let it cool down. Turned it back on and added […]

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My Car is Still Overheating

The overheating in my Dodge Intrepid 3.2 has stumped two mechanics. First let me go through the list of replacements/procedures that I […]

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Pressure Test Cooling System

Hey Austin, you mentioned in a previous post to another question that the guy should get a cooling system pressure test to […]

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Car Overheating At Slow Speeds

I have a Toyota corolla, and I just replaced the radiator and the thermostat. The engine wants to run hot at lower […]

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Why is My Car Running Hot

I have a Nissan Altima and it keeps running hot. It started in May with this problem. My dad has done everything […]

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