Loud Noise in My Mini Van Air Conditioner?

Hi I have a minivan and just recently it started to make a noise like a fog horn. It happens when I stopped and moving. Only last a few seconds. I think it only happens when the air is on, not sure. Any ideas?

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Rear End Differential Noise

I recently bought a 1992 K Blazer with the 5.7/v8. The transimission was replaced recently, but there is a leak of tranny fluid, its a small one hardly anything on the ground, just wet on the bottom of the transmission. The vehicle shifts great though, and the engine still sounds really strong. That is a minor problem. When I bought it, the guy told me that the garage had put an s10 ujoint in mistakenly instead of a full size. The reason I asked him is when I drove it, there is a whirring sound from the rear. My roommate is very car knowledgeable, and after running it at 80 mph on the highway for a jaunt yesterday, he swears the rear differential is going out.

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