Transmission Making a Whining Noise

Dear Austin, I have a Oldsmobile Alero with only 102K miles. I have taken good care of the car since I bought […]

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Noise In Dash of My Toyota Avalon

Reader Question Hello Austin, I am new to your site, but have enjoyed getting a chance to read your answers to many […]

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Geo Metro Makes a Squealing Noise When I Start The Engine

Reader Question Hi, I have a 1996 GEO Metro that is making a squealing sound when I start the car. It lasts […]

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Why Does My Ford Ranger Make a Humming Noise?

Reader Question: Hi Austin, I came across your website through a helpful article on I think I have a good question […]

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Whining Noise From Engine

I came across your website through a helpful article on I think I have a good question for you! I have […]

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2004 Toyota Prius Make a Weird Noise

My 2004 Toyota Prius makes a loud screaming noise from the engine compartment after shut off for 5-30 seconds (about 50-70% of the time) and sometimes after starting for 5-10 seconds (about 3% of the time). Only one of the 3 service managers has heard this, he has a 2007 and it makes the same noise. I am going to try to claim this as something the mfg should fix since it is “technology in the works” kind of like beta computer programs.

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Ford Cougar Noise In Power Steering Sometimes?

Hi I have a Ford Cougar and just this last week I have noticed that I am getting a noise when I turn my steering wheel left or right. It is more pronounced if it I am going round a roundabout or turning at a junction. Any ideas.

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Honda Engine Makes This Ticking Clacking Noise

OK heres my question my (Honda) car in the morning would make a knocking sound but as soon as it would warm up (engine) the noise would go away well today the noise came back and would not go away so I checked my oil and i was a little bit below my bottom line

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2005 PT Cruiser Noise in Front End of Car When Driving

My question relates to a noise coming from the front end of a 2005 PT Cruiser. It’s not quite a grinding noise, more like the sound of a jet landing. This noise begins at about 40-45 mph, but the engine rpm’s have no factor in the noise. The noise stays constant as the automatic transmission shifts. However the noise increases as the car brakes, especially if it’s a hard brake. The tires aren’t rubbing anywhere, and changes in the road condition also have no effect.

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Blue Smoke Out The Tailpipe and Engine Noise

my car is smoking out the tailpipe, mostly at start up and uses a lot of oil. can you give some kind of idea what that might be? it also makes a minor clicking noise after i have driven quite a ways

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