How to Find a Mechanic

How To Become an Auto Mechanic

Austin, my son told his dad and I last week that he wanted to become an auto mechanic and not go to […]

Cheap Oil Change – Should You Get One?

I have a simple question, or comment rather for you.  I have been on your site for hours today and love your […]

When To Replace The Fan Belt On My Car?

I have an 1989 Ford Taurus Station wagon that needs it’s V-belt replaced. I am not exactly sure what that is, how urgent the repairs are needed, or what to expect in terms of cost of repairs. Is this a major repair job? Thanks you in advance for your response

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Auto Repair Shop

Reader Question Hey Austin, I know you sold your auto repair shop a while back, but do you have a recommendation as […]

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Attention Auto Technicians: Brand New Free Online Tool Just For You!

In early December of 2010 a new, free online organization and resource emerged for auto technicians. developed a website promoting qualified automotive technicians. […]

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No Compression 1997 Infinity Q45 Engine

I would like to explore getting the engine of my 1997 Infinity Q45 maintenanced, rather than junking this car. I live in the Woodlands TX area, and could bring the car to your shop, but I can’t find your location on your web site.

Ford Contour Ran Bad Now Won’t Start At All

I have a 1998 Ford Contour. The car began to tremble 4 days ago but still drove. However, sometimes when idling too long it would stall. Now, the car starts but cuts off immediately. I had the car towed today. The mechanics came back and told me it would be one of four problems.

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Auto Mechanic Scam?

Any comments about an auto repair shop selling your car when the repair bill will exceed the value of the car? I had a 1997 Mazda MX-6, 120K miles, that stopped dead. I thought it was a transmission fluid leak. It turned out to be a “fried” computer, and the computer had to be ordered from CA or a junkyard. The bill was up to $600 before the replacement computer costs.

Did The Chevy Dealership Blew Up My Monte Carlo Engine?

I have (had) a 2003 Chevy Monte Carlo (90,000 kilometers). Recently while on the highway my connector rod let go blowing the engine block and starter. I had no steering, brakes or power. I managed to get it off the highway unscathed but now the engine is toast. It was just in a week prior to having the rear main seal repaired at the same dealership. They claim it is not related.

2000 BMW Z3 Auto Mechanic Recommendation?

I have decided to keep my 2000 BMW Z3 for a while longer. It has less than 40K miles but there are a few minor problems that need attention. Can you recommend a BMW mechanic in the SW Houston or Fort Bend TX area?