Front End Problems

My Car Hit a Curb – Front End Damaged?

Hello Mr Davis, My name is Carol. I have a Ford Tarsus FFV. I recently hit the curb on the passages side […]

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Noise In Car When I Drive Over a Bump

We just bought a new 2005 Kia Sedona the front end makes a noise when we hit a rough spot in the road, almost sounds like a strut, or from the old school a loose or broken shock, best I can tell it’s coming from the Right side.

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Does RaceTrak Gasoline Have Too Much Ethanol ?

Reader Question I just read your answer about buying gasoline. Someone had told me not to buy gas from RaceTrak or QuikTrip […]

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1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee Noise On Turns

Just wanted to know your opinion on a problem I am having. I currently own a 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo and its been a worthy on and off-road vehicle. Lately I have been noticing the Jeep lugging when I turn the wheel hard to a full turn.

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Suzuki Maruti Bent Frame After Accident

I have a Maruti Suzuki 800, standard version. It was first bought in October, 2003 and i bought it from an authorized reseller in January 2008. So far it has clocked 31000 km. Recently, the car had a major accident, the front left wheel hit the curb , thus it was damaged and also the wheel shaft was bent.

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Nissan Maxima Brake Noise and Tire Vibration

I have a 1996 Nissan Maxima. Recently had front brakes replaced, tires rotated and balanced (1 tire was badly worn on inside replaced with used). About 1 week later while driving approx 60mph I heard what sounded like my muffler falling and dragging on the ground.

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1998 Nissan Pathfinder Rear End Bounces When Braking

I have a 1998 Nissan Pathfinder with approximately 218,000 miles. What are some of the causes of a nose diving vehicle? When I apply my breaks (even gently) and the vehicle comes to a complete halt, the rear end of my vehicle shifts toward the front and causes a loud thump. It appears as though I have been rear-ended by another vehicle. What could this be? Thank you for your attention and assistance. I look forward to your reply.

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1999 Jeep Cherokee Front End Noise and Vibration

I was reading on your site about a fellow who was experiencing a problem with his 1999 Jeep Cherokee. I am experiencing the same problem (all the way down to the speed at which he experiences the noise – 65-70 mph). I wanted to follow up to see if he ever got back in touch with you to let you know how/if he resolved the problem.

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1997 Ford Ranger Front End Thumping Noise and Left Pull

My steering wheel is pulling to the left. When I turn the wheel to the right I hear kind of a loud thumping or cracking sound coming for the front end. I think its the drivers front It makes me wonder and worry a bit.

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When To Replace Shocks and Struts

I have a 1998 Nissan Pathfinder with approximately 203,000 miles. How do you know when it is time to replace the struts and/or shocks? What are the symptoms? I hear thumping and thudding sounds near my front tires. Can this also be a symptom?

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