Ford Cars and Trucks – Houston Car Show Pictures

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Lincoln Zephyr – Picture and Review From 2006 Auto Show

Have you owned a Lincoln…or even driven one? Lincoln has always had a stigma of an “older person” vehicle. Yes, for the most part Lincoln still caters to a more distinguished driver who is dead set on buying American. They can afford a Mercedes but would rather “keep their money in the U.S”

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2007 Ford Edge – My Picture and Review

The 2007 Ford Edge – My picture and review from the Houston 2006 Auto Show. Ford has a great line up of new cars and the all new Edge is one of them.

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2006 Ford Fusion – My Picture From Houston Auto Show

The all new 2006 Ford Fusion is …well I hate to say it..pretty darn sporty! I am not much on economy class cars, but this Ford Fusion is pretty impressive to say the least.

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2006 Ford Shelby GT500 Mustang – My Car Show Pictures

Take a look at the new Ford 2006 Shelby GT500 Mustang, wow~! Ok, you think you have seen some hot mustangs in your time, well hold that thought because Ford just made the hottest Mustang ever take a look!

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2007 Ford Super Chief Concept Truck – Picture and Reivew

Ford has a very cool truck up their sleeve. The 2007 Super Chief is on of Ford’s concept vehicles, and man is it one fine truck.