Convert Car To Run On Water

Water Car Conversion Plans

Water powered car or truck conversions are easier than you might think. The technology is in fact quite simple, as we’ll see in a moment. And there’s never been a better time to start seriously considering alternative fuel sources. World oil prices have risen steadily in recent months, and as a result, so have gas prices at your filling station. Add to that the global desire to reduce pollution, and you have the best reason yet to use water as a fuel source. So how does a water powered car work, and how do you convert yours?

Hydrogen Car Conversion Plans

Do you want to learn how you can convert your car to run on water? It might sound unbelievable, as I initially thought as well, until I went ahead to try it myself. There have been many previous attempts to create alternative fuel sources, like the electric car which ultimately failed. So is water really a viable source of energy for our cars?

Convert Car To Run On Water

This is going to become a VERY hot topic over the next few years….”Can I Convert My Car To Run On Water?” “Should I Convert My Engine To Burn Hydrogen Fuel?” “How Do I Make My Engine Run On Water?”