Check Engine Lights

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Plymouth Voyager Red Oil Light On Dash Came On

I have a 1998 Plymouth voyager. Recently the red oil light on the top of the dash next to the brake light would come on when I would come to a stop and would start chiming. Once I started driving again the light and noise would go away. I am thinking maybe I have a bad oil sending device. What are your thoughts? The car has 132000 miles.

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Ford Truck Engine Miss and Check Engine Light On

I’m hoping you can help me. My truck (97 Ford F150 2wd 6cyl w/ 75,000mi) has been hesitating, and last week, it misfired and set off my check engine light. I replaced the plugs and wires (It has coils, not cap and rotor) and erased the code to reset the check engine light. The plugs were worn, and one wire had been damaged pretty badly, so I figured that had been the problem. It seemed like it was running fine at first, but then as I pushed it hard to climb a hill it began missing again, and the check engine light came back on. I check all the connections, and everything seems secure. I don’t know what else it could be. It seems to run smooth until I have to accelerate quickly, or climb a hill. Any ideas on what to try next?

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Chrysler LHS Check Engine Light On – Code 66 PCM?

I have a 1996 Chrysler LHS. My check engine light came on and the code that came up was 66 meaning PCM is not receiving CCD Bus signals. I know what PCM means but cannot find anything that mentions CCD Bus signals. Can you help?

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Buick Lesabre Dies While Driving – Check Engine Light is On

I have a 1994 Buick LeSabre Custom whit 66K on it. I had been off the road for two years (although it was started weekly and driven bi-weekly) before I put it on the road in March 2006. While off the road, it had a difficulty starting periodically. My mechanic replaced the Mass airflow sensor and the security chip (that interrogates the chip on the key before turning on the fuel pump).

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Dodge Grand Voyager Check Engine Light Comes on

My 1997 Grand Voyager Rallye is great, except one major un-findable problem: It cuts out (no, it does not stall completely, except when I slow down to a stop or at a red light) during driving. The CHECK ENGINE SOON light comes on for just an instant, then goes out again as the van continues driving.

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Subaru Forrester Check Engine Light is On

I filled gas in my car last Monday and on Tuesday evening on my way home, my check engine light came on. I ran the car for 4 days after that and it is still on. Everything is working fine, the engine sounds good too. It is a 1998 Subaru Forrester stick shift with about 103000 miles on it. I spoke to the dealers and they said that maybe I might have not tightened the fuel tank cap properly and so the light came on but what worries me is that the light is not going off. I drive it for about 12 to 15 miles a day or 20 miles max a day.

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Ford Expedition Check Engine Light is On

I own a 1999 ford expoditaion with 80,000 I am a 24 year kid who owns this suv for 3 yesrs now i do beat on it its a 8 cly … i have changes one of my coil packs and it seem like its doing this again idle all messed up hesatint on gas i my check engine light is on my question to u i filled up my gas the night before all this probkem started could it be bad gas now i have a warnety on the truck dont know if coverd had to call and ask but should i let it run out of gas and but hi oxtain in it or bring it in asap

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Honda Accord Check Engine Light and EGR Valve Code

I have a 1999 Honda Accord and the check engine light seems to not want to stay off. I have taken it to the mechanics and the code that comes up is the code stating the EGR valve is bad. This would all be fine if the solution was simply replace the valve, but after replacing the EGR valve the light still comes on after several miles of driving. The weirdest thing is that all summer the light was not on, and since September the light has been on. The code is always the same, so now I am wondering if black electrical tape is the solution or could there be some other meaning to a bad EGR valve code. The engine sounds fine and the car doesn’t seem to drive any different than it did before the light came on. Any suggestions other than ripping the dash apart and removing the light is greatly appreciated.

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Chevy Trailblazer Has Check Engine Light On – Code PO442

We have had the very same problem as Amanda, in one of your other postings. We have a 2003 Chevy Trailblazer with 60,000 or so miles. The check engine light came on. We hooked up an analyzer on our own and it gave us a reading of P0442 that indicated that it was emission control small leak. We changed our fuel cap and fuel filter. Several days later the check engine light came on again. Guarantee is out and would like to do the job ourselves.

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Nissan Lima Altima Service Soon Light Is On

I have a Nissan Lima 2000 (Altima) the radio wouldn’t shut off and now today the service light came on we took it the Nissan dealer and they ran it on the computer and it told them it was, trace vehicle down to wiring between ecm and pu rge valve and so they said they really didn’t no what was wrong with that they charge us $96.09 and told us to bring it back on Wednesday, and now it smells like burning wiring would you have any idea’s what is wrong? Thanks!