Battery/Alternator Problems

Battey Goes Down – Car Won’t Start Sometimes

My situation is weird. I have a 2001 Trans Am WS6 Gen III vehicle. Sometimes it will not start even thou everything seems fine. It is shift gear (6 speed). I replaced the clutch switch and the solenoid and starter relays. When it will not start, there are no indications as to what is wrong. For instance, I do not hear the starter complaining or the solenoid spinning. It simply does not crank at all. I sometimes depress the clutch switch manually with my hands while turning the switch and the car on neutral. I suspect the clutch switch is not grounding itself properly.

Battery Dead and Won’t Jump Start

I have a 1975 Chevrolet nova and i replaced the battery a week ago. When i go to start it nothing works and the connections to the battery are fine, today i tried to jump start it and the same thing happened, nothing. before I put in this battery it would jump start with the old one too. Today I also checked the fuses and I didn’t see anything wrong. But i cant take it anywhere because I’m painting it right now but i don’t want to mess up my new engine by not starting it.

Dash Gauges Went Out While Driving

I have a question I’m hoping you can help answer. I have some auto experience, but, newer vehicles behave differently so I’m not positive. I have a 97 Safari, and started having trouble with gauges and the motor. The motor would gag and seem to quit while driving, and the gauges would go nasty haywire. The problems didn’t always happen at the same time, and never lasted more than a few seconds, then things would return to normal. One day a week or so after the first incident, it happened again, this time prolonged, off and on, for a minute or two til the van finally died and had to be towed. Initially they just replaced the battery,then later that day, I noticed the battery wasnt charging right- alternator was shot as well. I kinda guessed that but I was told at the shop it was working when they tested it. I know these newer vehicles so much relies on computer, which relies on battery/power supply. I’m assuming that if thats the case, if there is something wrong with the supply,that it can cause gauges to do funky things, like not work, give inaccurate readings etc? Assuming that, then if the supply problem is intermittent,then gauge problems can be as well? Ok, more than one question sorry….I know you are probably busy, I understand that, but even on the internet I’m having trouble finding the answers to this particular situation. Lots of general stuff,just not what I need.

Battery Dash Light Comes On

A few months ago i bought this car and about a month later the battery light started coming on. Finally on a trip the light started coming on it was like everything kept dimming down , so we replaced the alternator/regulator is built in and it didnt help the problem. (but i drive it like that). The light still comes on and every now and then it does that dimming thing.

Car Battery Drains Overnight

My wife drives a 1991 Honda Accord. Great little car. Still runs great. It has one serious problem which it has had for several years now. The battery rapidly drains when the car sits for a couple of days. I replaced the alternator and battery each more than once to no avail. I used an amp meter to check drains on various cables while removing fuses and relays, one at a time.

Battery Goes Down and I Have to Jump Start

My 2001 Dodge Neon battery has to be jumped started each time I drive it and let it sit for an hour or so. Could this be just a bad battery or an alterntor problem?

Jeep Cherokee Will Not Start – No Click – Nothing

Reader Question Mr Davis , I have a Jeep Cherokee I had for about 6 yrs. I’ve had everything fixed on it […]

Car Will Not Start – No Click

Mr Davis , I have a Jeep Cherokee I had for about 6 yrs. I’ve had everything fixed on it as it […]

Car Won’t Start Security Light Flashes

I have a 2001 Pontiac Firebird. When I try to start my car sometimes, it will turn over and sometimes it takes a few tries. My security light is on and stays on so I had a new key made thinking it may be the chip in my key. That did not work.

Car Alternator Problem? How To Test

My 1996 Toyota Corolla was brought to the future shop to install a remote car starter and then everything was fine. Now 2 days after in the morning, the car would not start. I am sure that it is the alternator but I need to find out if the installation of the remote car starter could have played a part in the failing of my alternator.