Battery/Alternator Problems

The Best Car Battery? What Brand Name?

Austin, love your site man. Got a quick question for you if you have time to reply.  My Toyota Corolla probably needs […]

Alternator Problems?

I am an older woman and have not the slightest clue as to car repairs, that was something my late husband did […]

GMC Truck Dash Warning Lights Flash

I own a l999 GMC PU 5.3 liter engine 85,000 miles battery lite 1 second, flash low fuel lite 1 second, flash security lite 5 seconds, flash no fuel gauge, no transmission indicator, ABS lite constantly on, seat belt lite constant vehicle still runs this is intermittent

Is My Trunk Light Draining My Car Battery?

I have a fairly new (1 yr) battery. It keeps draining overnight, but I’m pretty sure it is the work of a […]

Car Won’t Start After Getting Gas

I have a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 4×4. I filled the tank yesterday and washed it then on my way home, it stutters and then at a stop light it dies.

Symptoms of a Bad Alternator in Your Car

My car will not start and my neighbor looked at it this morning and thinks I might have a bad alternator.  In […]

Should You Buy a Cheap Car Battery

I need to replace my battery, should I just buy a cheap car battery at Walmart or should I bite the bullet […]

Dead Car Battery In My Car

My Toyota Camry is about 4 years old, and I am not having a problem with my battery but the guy at […]

Had to Jump Start Battery Engine Wont Stay Running

I left the lights on in my 2000 jeep wrangler and the car wouldn’t start. I jumped the car and the engine would start as long as I kept giving it gas and kept the key turned. Once I took my foot of the gas the car died again. When it was on the lights could be turned on and the radio could be turned on. Do you think I need a new battery or a new alternator? Should I try a new battery first? Thx so much

Car Battery Goes Down As I Drive

I bought a 92 Civic Si with 188K. Drove 40km everything fine then gauges went dead, engine started to bog in any gear (manual) then engine died. I was told to keep the battery disconnected because something is eating the battery power. If you wait 10min and reconnect, engine starts up again no problem, after 10 min dies again. What is this, alternator? Distributor? Or bad battery? What should I try first?