A/C and Heating

Is My Heater Core Bad?

So it’s pretty cold outside now huh, and the heater in your car is not as hot as it should be…or not […]

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Do I Need a Heater Core Flush?

Hey Austin, I got a question about the heater in my older model (1999) Chevy Truck. The heater is not as hot […]

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Antifreeze Smell Inside My Car With Heater On

Today I have noticed a slight antifreeze type of smell (kinda sweet) inside my car when I turn on the heater. I […]

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Car Air Conditioner is Not Cold at Stops or Idle

My 2000 Nissan 200SX air conditioner is not cold enough at stops or at idle speed. Could this be an electic cooling fan problem or could it be a compressor problem?

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Water On Driver Side Floor Of My Car

I have a Mitsubishi Eclipse GT, and my radiator has rust in it and my driver side floor is soaked with water?. […]

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Do I Have a Heater Core Leak or Rain Water

My 1995 Buick Skylark 6-Cylinder needs a heater core. My car has several problems – some may have misled the mechanic to a false conclusion, maybe not.

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Water On Passenger Floor Of My Car

I have just bought a 1995 Acura Legend. I just noticed water (moisture) on the passenger side floorboard. Really a lot under the seat area (I ran my fingers across it and it seems to be clear w/o an odor).

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My Car Heater is Not Hot

I have a problem with heat in my 1995 Chevrolet Astro Van. Blower works fine and anti freeze full thermostat seems to operate runs at about 170 degrees.

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A/C Blower Motor Only Works Sometimes

Reader Question I have a Buick Regal 2000, and the A/C blower was working, once in while stopped working for a few […]

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Water Leaking Inside My Car After My Heater Core Was Replaced

Reader Question Hi, My girlfriend has a 1978 Cadillac coupe and had the heater core replaced. It leaked clear water just sitting […]

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