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Hello you were very helpful last time I wrote, so I figured I would ask another question.

Recently, I took my car to the Honda Dealership, only because every time I bring it somewhere other than the dealership, I seem to have problems. So with that said it may be a little more expensive, but its well worth not being aggravated lol…

However, I did want a second opinion before I go ahead & have this done. Honda recommended on my next visit that I have the catalytic converter shields replace, because they are corroded. Also, they advise this could possibly cause a fire if not done?

I did some research online & I may be wrong, but it seemed most of the blogs said it really couldn’t catch fire, unless for example I was to park over a pile of leaves etc. I do park my car in my garage though… Do you think this is really necessary to have replaced? If so, they are asking 210.00 in order to replace them. Please let me know what you think?

Thank you


Hi there,

Sounds like they are really trying hard to find something to sell you. I guess if you live in an area where they salt the roads in winter time you might have excess rust damage under the vehicle….and maybe, maybe the heat shields have rusted away.

I would assume this is a pretty minor issue, and there is not really any dangerous condition. Yes, there is a lot of heat around the converter but I don’t think it’s a problem that needs $200 to fix. As long as there is a shield between the body of the vehicle and the converter I don’t think I would do anything about this.

Parking in tall grass can start a fire….on just about any vehicle. Maybe you should ask them to show you what they are referring to and let them try to explain why they want to replace it while you guys are staring at it. Always makes people more honest when they are confronted face to face.

The service manager who called you probably has not looked for himself and is just relying on what the mechanic told him, most dealerships work that way. Ask him if he say it personally, and would he spend $200 if it was his vehicle.

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Austin Davis

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