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How Can I Test My Carburetor Choke and Fuel Pump?

Reader Question
Hello Austin Davis,

Thanks for your newsletters. I read a newsletter with title of “Sometimes my Car won’t start”. I am sure I learned much from this topic. But still I have a problem related to this topic. I have old vehical & it’s hard to start up sometimes. When this problems comes I u sually add few drops of petroll on the top of carbutator unit in order to make it work. Then its work & don’t make any problems. But again car having same problem after 1 or 2 days idel time.

When I go to reparing centre they break the choke on carburator unit. ( Now my car without choke on it’s carburator. They said choke is not necessary for countries like Sri lanka. ( With hot Whether)

So please help me to diagnose the problem. ( problem on carburator or oil pump ) ?????

Thank you


Hey there Chaminda

It is probably a carburetor or choke problem. When c ranking the engine over, try holding the accele rator pedal ALL the way to the floorboard until the car starts… .then left off when the engine starts of course. If this does not help, you might need to have the carburetor overhauled.

You also might want to check the fuel pump, to make sure it is pumping correctly and with enough fuel volume.


Follow up

Hello Austin,

Thanks for your support. I tried this out. It still didn’t start. The only way I need to add few drops of petrol in order to start,

Hm, let me know how can I check fuel pump ?????.



Hello again Chaminda

Since this is a carbureted vehicle I am assuming you have an old style mechanical fuel pump located on the engine block. If this is so, remove the fuel hose from the carburetor (coming from the pump) and put the end of the hose in a glass jar.

Have someone crank over the engine as you watch to see if the fuel is being pumped into the jar. Have a fire extinguisher close by…and make sure you are away from sparks and open flame…it can be dangerous.


Austin C. Davis

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