Car Wreck – I Had A Bad Car Wreck How Do I Make The Insurance Claim?

Hi Austin,
If this helps one person, writing this will have been worth it Wednesday eve I’m on the phone with an agent quoting me a very good premium on full coverage. The only reason I was
getting that quote is because I valued your material enough
to go through the process.

It was definitely a good deal. I told the agent that I needed a couple of weeks. Little did I know that I would be crashing into a tree 6 miles from home the next morning carrying only liability. My wife had to cut some expenses since I became sick, there’s nothing different I could have done. Many of your readers may be putting off the decision till later, no one plans an accident. I would strongly advise them to move quickly and get the proper coverage. I walked away with mere bruises.

I babied my car, in fact I had been prepping it for an Amsoil switch. My oil filter is on the back of my motor, ex-tended change intervals are very welcomed, and smart, I would have saved both time and money. Back to the accident.. I walked away from a bad accident because God used my seatbelt to keep
me safe…Please buckle up everyone and carry good car insurance.
In His Care,

Austin, perhaps if I gave you details about the accident,
you could give me your best opinion. I havn’t been able to
get a mechanic to the car yet. Front end now a V shape,
not very aerodynamic at all. What I know. Radiator, front
end,fan some hoses, toast. I was able to move the car in reverse (standard tranny), 5th gear works.

Can’t get shifter to go in 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th. Seems only
those two gears on the right..5th up and R down are working.
I’m thinking the front end is pressing against the linkage, butthen I wonder if all the gears wouldnt be working. Fenders fine, no lights broken. Like I said a V, a very deep V.
Take Care my friend,

Sorry to hear that Floyd,

Thanks for sharing your story, I will post it on the site.

As for your car, I am concerned that you can not shift into all the gears, my gut tells me that the engine and the transmission where probably pushed backwards in the crash. If this is so, you probably have some “frame” damage, and that makes this a major accident not a minor one. If the engine and the transmission are in a bind, and will have to be pulled forward, this repair could be very expensive.

I would definitely have it towed to a body shop that can raise the car in the air and give it a good inspection before proceeding with the minor stuff…like bumper, radiator etc. etc.

Don’t have a body shop recommendation? You can call your insurance company and ask them what shops they recommend to their customers. You can also ask your regular mechanic who they recommend.

Glad you are safe!!

Austin C. Davis

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