Car Won’t Start Sometimes

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Hello Mr.Davis

Here’s something people don’t think about? Gas line’s?? Sure we have all kinds of gadgets,double line’s the works but…a simple little pin hole in the line can cause your vehicle to run great, no problems but for some reason it stalls and you take it to a garage, they put some parts on it and it runs great?

A while later it dose it again an again and your mechanic is going nuts?? The solution is to put a little air in the tank and follow the gas line. Some vehicles it pays to have a small mirror for those hard to see places.

I had a friend who was a mechanic and he replaced everything on his car and I kept telling him about that pin hole. He ended up cutting the car up because he was fed up with it, and back by the spring tower he found the hole? You can use a split piece of gas line hose and a clamp or just replace the line.

Over the years I have really tackled some real mysteries but as anyone can tell you there’s always something out there that stumps even the best mechanic. You just never know when that will happen. We have machines and things today and sometime those machines don’t have the answers.

Well.. From my family to yours Have a very safe and joyous Holiday!!

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