Car Won’t Start Security Light Flashes

car wont start security light flashesI have a Pontiac Firebird. When I try to start my car sometimes, it will turn over and sometimes it takes a few tries. My security light is on and stays on so I had a new key made thinking it may be the chip in my key. That did not work.

I think it may be my starter motor, but do the work intermittently when they are going out. It has be doing this for over a year and seems to be getting worse.

Thanks for letting me ask a question.


Hi there Amanda,

Your question, I am assuming that when you turn the key and the engine will not start NOTHING happens, the engine is not TURNING OVER and over trying to start but rather you hear nothing at all, or maybe a click noise from under the hood or under the vehicle?

If the engine is not turning over at all, try doing this shade tree test that I described to this reader with a similar issue:

Click this link to see my reply Engine Won’t Start – Battery Dead?

You took a good guess with getting a new ignition key, sometimes, which is what the problem is.

However, you could have a bad starter motor, a bad battery that is weak or has a bad internal cell, bad terminal connection at the battery OR the starter or there could be a problem with the ignition switch inside the vehicle.

See if that article helps you narrow things down, if not let me know and I can try to assist further if I can. You might want to find a starter and alternator rebuilding shop in your area that can do a simple electrical test while you wait.

That test would check the starter motor, battery and alternator but if the engine starts up every time while they are testing the test will not reveal much.

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