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Car Window Repair

Ever experienced the hassle of having to open the car door instead of the window when paying the toll or when getting fast food from the drive thru? If only the electric window would start responding to the switch. But since it refuses to do so, you have no choice but to have an electric car window repair performed on your automobile. Although you can opt to seek the help of a mechanic right away, there are actually instances when you, yourself, can do such mending. Here are some tips to help you out.

One cause of a non-responsive electric car window is a problematic fuse. The fuses of a car are normally located under the dash of the steering wheel’s left side. The first car window tip that you can try is to locate these parts and check if any of them is blown as indicated by the damaged metallic strip. If the fuse is indeed blown, simply buy a replacement from a hardware store and have it replaced. If everything is fine with the fuses, the next car window repair tip would be to fiddle with the switch of the window. Quickly switch it off and on and see if there will be slight window movements. If there are, this means that the connections of the switch are gummed up so just clean them by squirting some contact lens cleaner or alcohol under the switches.

These tips on car window repair can be easily done by anyone who has had experience with electrical wiring or motors. In case you are new to this stuff, better have your car check by a mechanic to prevent possible injuries.

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  1. Yeah definitely this is a great info. Windshield is important so I think there is no need to compromise safety because of improper maintenance. There is lots of things available for your safe guard. Obviously you know that lots of thing can damage your vehicle class. Conflict of the objects may occur while the vehicle, cold temperature or even crash.

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