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car scratch repairAustin, my daughter “borrowed” my Ford Explorer over the weekend and it came back with a few scratches in the paint on the driver side front door. It has some of the other person’s paint still left on my door, and a few white looking scratches as well. I have waxed the area a few times and it still looks the same. Help!

Ron H.


Hi Ron,

I feel your pain man!  So car wax, its great to make your paint surface shine, make it bead up with small water droplets in the rain and add some protection to the top clear coat surface but really is not made to remove scratches or paint residue.

You will need rubbing compound to remove the scratches (if they are not too deep) and the paint from the other vehicle.

Rubbing compound (not polishing compound) has small particles of silica that act basically like liquid sandpaper. This DOES remove a small layer of the clear coat/paint surface, but that is what it will take to remove the paint and lesson the scratch appearance.

There is a product you might also want to try, it’s made by KIT, and it’s called Scratch Out and it works pretty well and is easy to apply. You can find it at your local auto parts store or at

Here is a short video demonstration I made

I also made a video showing the 3 types of paint restoration materials, wax, rubbing and polishing compound and how and when to use them.  Take a watch now and see if this helps you.


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Austin Davis

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