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Car Pulsates When Idling

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My question is my car pulsates when idling. Runs fine, no lights on, sometimes it is hard to start when warm, starts great when cold.

What causes this?


Hey Tim,

Depending on what kind of vehicle this is, you might have a dirty throttle body and idle control motor. The throttle body is where the carburetor used to be on top of the engine and mixes the fresh air from the air cleaner with the fuel from the injectors.

Dirt and carbon build up within the throttle body and cause erratic idle complaints, slower starting complaints, and dying at idle and slow speed complaints. Just about any auto mechanic, even some of the fast lube places can clean these two items for you.

Cleaning the throttle body and idle motor should really be part of routine maintenance anyway and is a good idea to have them inspected and cleaned once a year.

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Austin Davis

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