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Car Owner is Not Driver the Car Anymore

Reader’s Question:

My father in law is in assisted living facility and his neighbor drivers his car. What happens to car insurance?



Insurance providers guidelines with this kind of scenario differ, so in your specific case the top option is to get hold of your insurance provider about your father-in-law’s vehicle insurance plan.

While the car insurance company can provide you with details as to what they need your in-law, as the vehicle owner and insurance holder, to do to maintain his policy intact, heres a general idea of what several car insurance firms will need with this kind of scenario.

Generally, auto insurance companies will require the assisted-living facility listed as address for the insured, your father-in-law. When the vehicle is usually left there, then it will be also listed as the location of the garage. When the next door neighbor is keeping the vehicle at his residence, then the insurance provider ought to be informed, and they’ll let you know in the event that ought to be listed as the main garage address.

The neighbor might need to be listed being an additional driver if he’s going to drive the vehicle frequently. Because he’s a permissive user of the vehicle, chances are that he’s insured now, but it’s safer to inform the insurance provider that he’s operating the vehicle regularly and include him to the policy, if neccessary.

If your father-in-law won’t drive at all, he then might see about taking out himself as a driver and putting the neighbor on the policy as the main driver. Not every insurance providers, however, will permit this. So it is best to contact your car insurance company directly.

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