New Car Keys and Alarm Key Pads

Reader Question: Here is my question.

I bought a new car in December 2006. Was I supposed to get two set of keys? I only received one key and one keypad. When the dealership to request another set. I was told they gave me what was given to them. Moreover, for me to go to Wal-Mart and have one made or go to the car company that made the car, they will make me one free.

However, this is the kicker. The one keypad I have has stopped working. Now to lock and unlock my car door I have to use the key.

What do I do now? I tried to contact the company that financed my loan for the car with no success.

Help me if you can. If you cannot would understand.


Hi there,

If you bought a brand new car, it should have come with TWO sets of keys and TWO keypads for your alarm. If this is a used car NOT NEW, then you probably, only get what they gave you. Some alarm shops can make a keypad for you as a replacement, so you might want to look in your phone book for car alarm companies near you and ask them.

If this is an older car, you can get a key made at Wal-Mart, but most new cars the key has an anti theft device inside and can only be purchased through the car dealer. If this is a brand NEW car, I would ask to speak to the general manager at the dealership and get them to give you another key and pad.

Austin Davis

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