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Car Insurance St Louis

Reader Question: Thanks for a great website Austin, you are terrific! I took you up on your free ebook offer if I would just take a second to check my auto insurance rate. So I got a free car insurance quote online from your site and you were correct…I was overpaying my car insurance by 23%!!!! I can’t believe it, I even got the same carrier with the same limits as my old policy…was I a sucker or what for overpaying?
Joanne, St Louis, MO

Joanne, ha.. I don’t think you are sucker…or at least not anymore now that you reduced your rate substantially! I am proud of you, and I hope you liked my ebooks as your free gift.

Actually I have heard from 2 other visitors that emailed me in the last few months to tell me they lowered their auto insurance rate in St. Louis Missouri substantially. I tell all my visitors, if you have not checked your auto insurance rate in the last two years…you are probably overpaying. Get a free online car insurance rate quote using the form below…and get all my popular car repair and car insurance advice ebooks as my free gift. Have a great day!

Austin Davis

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