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Car Insurance for Young Drivers

Finding cheap car insurance for young drivers is unfortunately a rather complicated task. This is because most car insurance companies are wary to insure these teen drivers, mainly because of the high accident rate levied on this group.

Young people, especially those aged between 18 and 25 years, gets higher insurance premiums, which can reach up to 400% higher that of older drivers. The reason for this is because according to statistics, recklessness and lack of driving experience for children under 25 years have increased the chance of traffic accident. However, premiums also vary widely and are based on factors such as driver’s gender (women pay less), age of driver’s license, and car information.

The reality is that most companies  are not willing to cover them with a reasonable condition in terms of value. However, some insurers do exist as who have been concerned by the group of young drivers and products aimed specifically designed for them.

Car insurance companies however are willing to provide car insurance discounts to help lower the car insurance rate. Young drivers may enroll in defensive driving program. This will not only lower their car insurance rate, it will also help them become a responsible driver. They may also install anti-theft devices on their car to show to the insurance companies that they have a safe car. Students who do good in school may also apply for insurance that are generally called “good student discounts”.  Lastly, student may consider getting higher deductible to lower their monthly car insurance premium.

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