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Car Insurance for the Unemployed?

Reader’s Questions:

Does US government pay for half of car insurance for those who have do not have jobs?



No. We’ve never heard about the us government adding payments to cover half of the vehicle insurance plans (or 1 / 2 of the monthly obligations) of people which are jobless.

You will find unemployment benefits that people who lose their jobs can apply for with their state. When you have lost your work and obtain unemployment benefits consequently that money enables you to pay bills including your vehicle insurance payment, however neither the us government nor state assists pay particularly auto insurance obligations for you.

Whenever one loses their work it might be tempting not to pay out their auto insurance obligations as a means of reducing costs. If you choose to do so, you’ll need to terminate your registration and submit your plates, in many states, or receive penalty by the state for a lapse in car insurance coverage.

Several states monitor vehicle owners who terminate their auto insurance policy, don’t begin one more policy, but nonetheless use a vehicle registered in their name. If the state catches this they’ll usually send out a notice to the motorist requesting for proof of insurance and when it wouldn’t be supplied they can fine you and suspend your vehicle registration.

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