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Car Insurance for Older Vehicles

Reader’s Question:

I have a ten-year old car, can I still get car insurance for it?



Yes, you could have full insurance coverage (which means Liability insurance coverage as well as physical damage coverages of Comprehensive and collision) on a vehicle that’s ten years or older if the car isn’t regarded as a vintage or show vehicle. In the event you do possess a classic or vintage vehicle than you really would generally want specialized insurance coverage for that kind of car to be sure you needed sufficient insurance coverage in that vehicle if it was totaled out or stolen.

Based on what state you reside a number of automobile insurance firms will let you buy a minimum of state Liability insurance requirements and Physical Damage coverages of Comprehensive and Collision that is what many people make reference to as full insurance coverage.

In case you have an older vehicle which has kept its resale value in order that it will be worth the price of full insurance coverage you can buy this kind of insurance coverages for it. Common sense for auto insurance is to purchase just as much insurance coverage as possible to be thoroughly protected.

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