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Car Insurance Discounts for Disabled?

Reader’s Question: 

I am disabled and I would like to know if I can get a discount from my car insurance company for being disabled?



Being disabled will not enable you to get any special discounts with car insurance firms, but operating less may definitely enable you to get less expensive auto insurance rates.

The less you operate the car, the less accident, possibilities of an accident to happen so that means that the annual mileage is a rating factor with many auto insurance providers.

Should you be putting 15,000 miles on your vehicle previously and now is only going to drive 2,000 miles yearly, then you definitely should notice a lowered premium amount since you have lowered your risk as a driver to your insurance provider.

It is important to your auto insurance provider if your vehicle is a daily commuter vehicle, utilized once per week for doing errands, or just a pleasure vehicle used once per month, because the utilization of your automobile is a rating factor.

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