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Car Insurance and Vehicle Title

Reader’s Question:

If two people are on the title of the car, do they have to be both on the car insurance as well?


It’s possible they will both will have to be listed on the insurance policy. This will depend on state laws, the way the names are on the title and also the guidelines of the auto insurance provider providing the insurance policy.

Many states will need that the car insurance policy is in the exact same name(s) as the registration. So, if the registration of the car has both names on it, therefore both will have to be on the automobile insurance plan.

Many auto insurance firms additionally require that every people on the registration be placed on the insurance policy and rated, or omitted as drivers. Some other insurance companies will permit that just one individual from the registration and title be on the automobile insurance policy.

The way the names are on the title can make a impact on an insurer on who’s needed to be on the insurance policy.

With multiple owners, the registration and title will say “and” or “or.” A title that says “and” may make auto insurance provider demanding that both sides be placed, where a title that says “or” may lead to either party having the ability to be listed.

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